Ediciones Musicales Clipper’s A&R Department’s main function is to find the special track, the huge #1 that every artist needs. Thanks to our talented composers and authors staff, they reach the top of the lists with remarkable melodies not only in Spain but worldwide also.The research of a right repertoire is one of the most important steps in an album pre- production process. For that reason, in order to be successful in every music project, it’s essential to count on professional advisors that know at first hand the possibilities of the market and the artist’s needs..Our songs have been performed by renowned artists such as: Il Divo, David Bisbal, Sergio Dalma, Malú, Tamara, Mario Alvarez, La Húngara, Teen Angels, Soraya, Edurne, Anahi, María Villalón, Angie, Yahir, Nadia, Kiko & Shara….You can listen part of the songs that have been or are being performed by the mentioned singers below.
For any request you may contact David López

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